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We sent an email on Jul 10, 2010 that includes info about what to use as your password.  The Subject line of the email was " Online pmt, other features now working‏." If you did NOT receive that email, please check your "Junk" email folder.  

If you STILL don't see the email, and you were in the KW class of 1980, then we probably don't have your email address.  So, please send it to us, using the message form below :)


* We'll respond as quickly as we can- but it may take a day or two. 

* If you have the email address for the person you'd like to contact (Kevin, Scott, Renee, etc), then just emailing them will probably get you an answer more quickly :)   If you're able to log in, you can find their email addresses on the page # After 1st Logon #: they're discussed as ones to add to the "safe" list in your email program.



Please do not enter anything here. If you are blind and having problems filling out this form, please call 734-585-5605.


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